Neck and back pain giving you grief?

Pulling up sore from your training sessions?

Get treated for muscle tightness, pain, and injury prevention. 

At Muscle Release Therapies, owner and practitioner Col Barber will have you moving more freely again with his remedial massage, cupping, and sports massage services. 

Muscle Release Therapies Spring 2023

Meet Col Barber

Col Barber is an Albury-Wodonga local and solo-operator of Muscle Release Therapies (MRT). By his own admission, Col is more “mature” than most massage therapists,  which is gold for clients who value the wisdom and empathy being a little older brings. 

Following a long career in agriculture, Col’s experience working in non-emergency patient transport led him to pursue the path of massage therapy, where he now applies his skills in building rapport and trust, along with physical strength and dexterity. 

Stay on top of your game with Col and MRT.

Types of therapy

Our bodies can feel out of whack sometimes. Long spells in front of a screen, everyday wear and tear, and the demands of sport can make us all knotted up, stressed, and sore. Muscle Release Therapies provides restorative treatments to help you with injury prevention and recovery, performance, tension relief, and pain management. 

Here’s what MRT can do for you.

Muscle Release Therapies Spring 2023

Remedial massage

Remedial massage is for you if you’re after a “remedy” for muscle tension, acute or chronic pain, such as low back or neck pain, or rehabilitation from injury. Techniques include deep tissue massage, trigger-point therapy, myofascial release, and stretching. 

Muscle Release Therapies Spring 2023


Cupping is for you if you’re after relief from pain and muscle tension, and recovery from injury recovery. This alternative therapy works by encouraging blood flow to the treated areas of your body. It activates natural healing while massage “removes” knots. 

Muscle Release Therapies Spring 2023

Sports massage

Sports massage is for you if you’re an elite or recreational athlete looking for better performance, injury prevention, and faster recovery. Typically, sports massage focuses on pinpointing your “problematic” areas and can be used both pre- and post-match.

What you can expect

In every interaction with Muscle Release Therapies, you’ll get calm vibes from Col, who's acutely mindful massage is an emotional as well as a physical experience. 


When you make a booking, you can expect a smooth, easy, and stress-free experience. You’ll feel comfortable and excited about your upcoming appointment.


When you arrive at your appointment, those calm vibes will welcome you at the door, setting the scene for your healing MRT massage or cupping experience.


 During your appointment, you’ll be assessed to determine the best treatment approach, and queried about the level of pressure you prefer during your massage.

"Col was professional, compassionate, empathetic and friendly."

Frequently asked questions

Muscle Release Therapies Spring 2023
Muscle Release Therapies Spring 2023

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